Tear down those battered cages
Death's walking on
Echoed laughter shatters skulls
Then marches on

-- Quick Change - Will You Die

QUICK CHANGE - Circus Of Death
USA 1988

1. Will You Die 2. Sludge 3. Show No Mercy 4. A.T.L. 5. Sea Witch 6. Leave It To The Beaver 7. Circus Of Death 8. Battle Your Fear 9. Injected 10. Death Games 11. What's Next 12. Plowed

Although awfully obscure, based on their first full-length release Quick Change were actually no worse or better than many other low level thrash metal bands of the time. Not surprisingly, the music on Circus Of Death sounds rather generic and unexceptional, and in fact the most distinguishable feature in the band's sound must be the high-pitched squeaky vocals that start wearing out pretty fast. Many of these songs have quite an unserious feel, mostly due to the lyrics that are often particularly cheesy (in addition, there's an amusing number of errors in the lyric sheet). In retrospective, Circus Of Death feels more like a curiosity item though at the time of its release this album was probably considered just a typical addition to the genre.